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About Us

Greentown Wesleyan is a place where

imperfect people gather,

we don’t get everything right,

no one is good enough to deserve what God offers us, and no one is not good enough to receive it.

This is a place where children are going to make noise, people laugh and cry when they need to,

and sometimes we sing off key.

This is a place where Jesus is the point, forgiveness is real, love is found,

hope is held, peace is present,

joy is felt, grace is received,

and gratitude is given.

This is a place where wounds can heal,

you can find a place to belong,

life is a process, people change,

it’s okay to not be okay,

and the world is made better.

This is a place you are welcome.

About The Wesleyan Church

Gathering Times

Sunday School                    9:30am

Youth Group                        9:30am

Morning Worship               10:30am


Food Pantry &

Clothes Closet            4:00-6:00pm

Men's Group                       7:00pm

(October through May)


Senior Adult Study          10:00am

Discovery Bible Study       7:00pm




REFIT®                            9:00am    

Greentown Wesleyan Church is located at 120 N. Maple Street

(northeast corner of US 35/IN 22 and IN 213).