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Children's Ministry

Greentown Wesleyan offers a great children's ministry program, The Orange Club, where we have balanced learning, worship, and fun in a way that kids will want to come back week after week.

Sunday School

Kids' Church

Our Sunday School classes are discipleship groups for you to grow, connect, and live in partnership with others... the same is true for our children's classes.  This is a time where the teacher and student can focus, together, on becoming more like Christ.  In Sunday School, our children learn the Bible stories that are going to shape their spiritual development for the rest of their lives.

We believe it is vital to the life of the church to have families worship together in the service, and model proper worship for our children.  Therefore our children start the worship service with the adults, but then are dismissed to their own special worship time where they learn God's word and how to apply that to loving and serving the people around them.

Workable Orange Kids